Webcam Effects.


HTML Snap offers a collection of online photo taking photo booth applications with a range of webcam effects, styles and filters. With the option to save photos directly and locally to your own computer as well as save and host directly to the HTML Snap server(s).

All applications have an easy to use interface for editing the themes or applying the filters, effects and styles, as well as setting a time delay from the drop-down list, print functionality and public or private creative commons license settings.

It is recommended for best results that you set your web camera resolution size to a minimum of 640x480 pixels as that will be the size of your saved snapshot, although other smaller sizes will be made available to you if you choose the snapshot hosting option. If you would like to save photos with larger resolutions because you have a high-definition webcam, then we recommend using HD Booth. If you would like to create and share High-Quality animated photos, then try Camimate.

Play the new Snap Pairs game at SnapPairs.Com and even create custom boards for your friends to play.


Signing up with HTML Snap is free and easy. Simply click the "Memebers" link and fill in the required information. Some of the benefits of being a member over a non-member are;

  • 1.] Not having to store links; all of the links to your snapshots will be accessible in your snapshots page.
  • 2.] Manage snapshot photos; you will be able to delete any of your snapshots.
  • 3.] Unlimited snapshots; unlike non-members you will not hit a snapshots daily limit.
  • 4.] Personal and public snapshot galleries; you will be able to create a public or private gallery containing your selected snapshot photos.


As a non-member you will still be able to make use of all of the following;

  • 1.] Have full access to all of the webcam photo effects, filters, styles and themes without restriction.
  • 2.] Take an unlimited amount of locally saved snapshots via the Flash Player's save function within the "FileReference class".
  • 3.] Take webcam snapshots and host them on the HTML Snap server(s) for sharing with friends and family. Daily limits apply*.
  • 4.] Make use of all of the HTML Snap's standard functionalities and services.

Sample Snapshot Photos

Sample from Snapshot
Sample from Snapshot2
Sample from Color-Channels
Sample from Liquefy
Sample from Colorize
Sample from Overlay
Sample from Blender
Sample from Colorize2
Sample from Mycelium
Sample from Halloween
Sample from Valentines
Sample from Easter
Sample from Christmas
Sample from Anime
Sample from Snapshot2

The above samples are just a tiny amount of available Effects, Filters, Themes and Styles that you can apply to or edit within your webcam using these webcam applications.

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